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  • We ask all gym members to schedule an appointment online before your arrival by checking in on the MindBody app
  • Due to the current mandate, masks are not required for all that are vaccinated. 
  • Keeping the gym a clean and neat place to workout is a priority to us. We have touchless sanitizing dispensers and stations across our 5,000 square foot facility, and all gym equipment is promptly cleaned after each use. If at anytime you see something that needs our attention, please let us know!

If you ever have questions about our protocol safety measures, please give us a call at 203-885-8200.


Too often have we have heard from people that going to the gym is not possible due to an injury, lack of self-esteem, muscle strength, or the continuing frustration that countless failed workouts have resulted in little to no results. Here at Platinum Fitness, our team of trainers work WITH you to reach, accomplish and exceed your personal health and fitness goals. We approach your goals from a comprehensive perspective; exercise, recovery, nutritional guidance and stress management. Everything we do revolves around finding your own unique healthy balance, and empowering you to live your best life. We strive to provide you with researched and proven practices, whether it is for weight loss, strength training, recovery, or just some endorphin-filled fun! 


When we started this gym, we wanted it to be different. We wanted to be able to provide fitness opportunities to people of all ages. We continue to service a vast and wide range of clients ranging from 8 years old to 87 years old and all skill levels. We wanted our gym members to feel comfortable in our space, not having to arrive at an over- crowded gym.  Our number one goal is to ensure our members are happy. Ever feel like you are just a number?  We don’t just sell memberships and classes. We strive to create an atmosphere that is enjoyable by limiting the number of memberships sold to remain exclusive so that we can continue to provide an outstanding service. 

When you are here, you are family!



Our professional trainers are carefully selected, certified, coached and mentored to abide by our high standards of client care. They will help to educate, and motivate you while helping you achieve all of your desired goals.

Is it worth getting a Personal Trainer?

A trainer can assist you in achieving your goals. Knowing you have an appointment with a professional can help to keep you consistent week after week. They can give you that push to help you advance and do things you never believed to be possible. Oftentimes, people don’t see results and quit too quickly because they become discouraged. Our knowledgeable and dedicated trainers are here to provide safe, practical and fun-filled workouts to help you achieve optimal health and wellness.


If one-on-one training is not your jam, preferring the energy of exercising in a group setting, then our boot camp or cardio boxing classes could be a better fit. Check out our class schedule to know when we have our next available class!

Boot Camp Classes

Boot camp training combines strength and cardiovascular exercises to work all major muscle groups, including your core. Classes can be any combination of  bodyweight training, resistance training, HIIT (high-intensity interval training), plyometrics and stretching  Many people will  burn roughly 600-1000 calories per class, the same amount of calories, if not more, than as you would in a 1-hour spinning class! Boot camp will push your body, your mind and your willingness to defeat your own personal limits. How many of you will push your limits to the test! 

Cardio-Boxing Classes

Are you ready for the fastest, hardest hitting cardio boxing class in the greater Danbury area? 

This class is structured around the fundamental basics and high intensity boxing rounds of  glove, mitt, and bag work. 

Boxing relieves stress, builds muscle, and burns a ton of calories! Plus it’s a fun way to release any pent up frustration after a hard day at work! We can’t wait to see you in the ring!


We encourage our clients to bring in any fitness trackers or wearables they have, as they are excellent tools to use before, during and after workouts to track progress. However, for those gym members that have a competitive streak, or like to visualize their efforts on a big screen, we offer Myzone, a wearable heart rate monitor.

Myzone is a new cutting edge heart rate based system that is worn on your body and uses wireless technology to monitor your physical activity. Myzone offers a an accurate (equiv. to an EKG at 99.4%), game-like and motivating fitness experience. The device monitors your heart rate, calories burned and time that you have exercised. Those results are then converted into points you get awarded for exceeding your goals. The idea is that it focuses on rewarding your effort rather than the fitness you are exuding.


One critical thing that makes our fitness center different from others is how we allow and encourage your body to recuperate from a challenging training session. In order for your body to build muscle, those muscles need to rest in order to grow and build. Drinking plenty of water, getting a full night’s sleep, and light continual movement like walking or stretching help your muscles to recover and allow you to hit the gym again. However, at Platinum Fitness we can help you recover faster with Rapid Reboot, an FDA-cleared, proven dynamic compression technology designed to help you recover faster and continue training harder!

How does it work?

Rapid Reboot utilizes dynamic, sequential compression, a concept based on decades of research into biomimicry, or the science of simulating the body’s natural biomechanics to enhance physiological benefits.

What are the benefits?

Rapid Reboot’s dynamic compression dramatically enhances blood flow, improves lymphatic function, flushes out lactic acid, eliminates muscle soreness, and increases mobility – all of which help you recover faster and get back to your best.

What other recovery therapy do you offer?

In addition to our compression therapy by Rapid Reboot, we also offer Venom Heat and Vibration therapy, which helps muscles relax, loose and recover more quickly. Intensity levels can be optimized to each client’s needs, making your experience an enjoyable one.

Our gym also offers Active Isolated Stretching (AIS), a practice done with athletes and professional trainers that allows muscles to relax and warm up, holding the stretch for two second at a time. It imitates the body’s physiological makeup, allowing for the body to recover more quickly without over-stretching. All stretching is done by our professional staff, ensuring no injuries occur. 


We have a variety of affordable membership options for individuals looking to meet varying fitness goals. Whether it means you are looking to lose weight, improve your athletic abilities, or simply be a part of fun group exercise classes, we have you covered. If an all-inclusive membership is not what you are looking for, we also offer individual a la carte options. Check out our membership plans to find out more information.

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We are always looking for new talent as we continue to expand our fitness center!

Currently we are seeking to hire certified personal trainers. Please check out our job description page to learn more.

Alexis is one of our personal trainers at Platinum Fitness

Member Reviews

Read what our own gym members have to say. View all of our reviews here and on our Google Page.

The personal training is amazing! After multiple surgeries and a car accident, I was afraid to try most anything. Randy Shawn said he could help me, and I believed in him. Now I believe in ME as well! Thank you Randy Lockwood!

– Tricia R., Danbury CT

My favorite gym in the world. You feel comfortable there, you’ll learn a lot and you’ll never be judged. Thanks Randy and wonderful staff!!!!!

– Maggie S., Ridgefield CT

Randy has built a gym from nothing to something. First time walking into the gym I fell in love with the
atmosphere and energy alone. EVERYONE at this gym is super friendly and welcoming. If you join this
gym be prepared to join another family.

– Corey D., Newtown CT

I have been training here since they opened. Awesome trainers and awesome clients. It is a gym you walk into and everyone knows your name and helps push you to your limits. Will not go to any other gym. Love this place.

– Beth M., New Milford CT

aspiring PROFESSIONAL wrestlers:

If you are an aspiring professional wrestler or referee please reach out to Randy at 203-470-3723.