what makes our danbury, ct gym different?

I remember when I met Sandra; one of our past gym members. She was in her 70’s, reliant on walking with a cane, and shared with me the pain that she was experiencing in her knees and hip. She was told by medical professionals that she’d never walk again without this crutch. I remember looking her in the eye, grabbing her cane, and telling her she does not need this anymore. Yes, my reaction was a bit extreme, but you know what? Sandra is no longer using that cane years later. We strengthened her core, her legs and her joints– all the places where she was feeling pain and discomfort. It took work, and it took investment on her part, but this is coming from someone that was told time and time again that she would never be able to let go of that piece of equipment in order to walk. Here she is, today, living proof that healing can happen with the right technique, approach and exercise plan. I am not a doctor, by any means, but my knowledge and years of experience have been used to the benefit of my clients time and time again and benefit them to its fullest extent.


Platinum Fitness will ignite the new flame of passion in the fitness industry.
We have set out to aggressively and ethically change the face of fitness one day at a time.
We here at Platinum Fitness will challenge ourselves, the industry, and YOU as we climb to new heights, new limits, and new standards on our journey to success! In our hearts, we believe in everything that Platinum Fitness stands for.

With our families, friends, and community behind us, we are confident that we have thoroughly researched, studied, practiced, and applied every aspect of our knowledge to Platinum Fitness.
We promise that no one will work harder to help you reach optimal health and well-being.
If you give us your time, dedication, desire, and heart, we will be there with you side by side as you obtain your optimal fitness lifestyle.

Failure is NOT an Option.

I look forward to seeing you and getting a chance to meet you. Remember that our first personal fitness consultation is on us, because we know we can deliver.

Warm wishes,

Owner, Platinum Fitness LLC

meet our instructors

Randy Shawn

My name is Randy Shawn Lockwood and I have been a personal trainer since I was 18 years old.

The health and wellness field has been a major part of my personal and professional life.
I have dedicated my professional life to helping others reach the highest level of health and well-being through one on one personal training, group training, my personal experiences, and my continuing education.
I opened Platinum Fitness to serve as many people in our community teaching the benefits of self-care, working out on a regular basis, prevention of injury, enhanced range of motion and help improving the “QUALITY OF YOUR LIFE”
My personal guarantee is that no one will work harder for you to help you obtain the highest level of success and support than myself and our team members!
bethel ct bodybuilder

MARISA tartaglia

Marisa has been an athlete for as long as she can remember competing in gymnastics, swimming, and diving as a teenager. For a period of time, she coached gymnastics and diving before becoming an IT professional. Marisa is also an accomplished amateur bodybuilder. She holds the title for the 2019 NPC Steve Stone Metropolitan Overall Bikini Champion and has placed 5th at the Arnold Amateur. 
Marisa recently realized her passion wasn’t to sit at a desk and help computers, but to help guide people in becoming more confident, healthier versions of themselves. Marisa has a very unique approach to her coaching and training style. Using her transformation life coach certification, nutrition coach certification, human design, and other energy healing methods, she can truly help you transform your entire life. 
Whether your goals are to lose weight, build muscle, become healthier, or compete, Marisa is here to guide you to you achieve your goals.
– Precision Nutrition Level 1 Nutrition Coach
– Transformation Life Coach
– NASM – In Progress
– Core Strength Training
– Weight Loss
– Competition Prep (Bikini or Wellness only)
– Energy Healing (Reiki Master)
– Human Design
Stay strong…stay motivated…and never stop learning.

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