Platinum Fitness will ignite the new flame of passion in the fitness industry.
We have set out to aggressively and ethically change the face of fitness one day at a time.
We here at Platinum Fitness will challenge ourselves, the industry, and YOU as we climb to new

heights, new limits, and new standards on our journey to success!
In our hearts, we believe in everything that Platinum Fitness stands for.

With our families, friends, and community behind us, we are confident that we have thoroughly
researched, studied, practiced, and applied every aspect of our knowledge to Platinum Fitness.
We promise that no one will work harder to help you reach optimal health and well-being.
If you give us your time, dedication, desire, and heart, we will be there with you side by side as you

obtain your optimal fitness lifestyle.
Failure is NOT an Option.

meet our instructors

Randy Shawn

My name is Randy Shawn Lockwood and I have been a personal trainer since the age of 18 years old.

The health and wellness field has been a major part of my personal and professional life.
I have dedicated my professional life to helping others reach the highest level of health and well-being through one on one personal training, group training, my personal experiences, and my continuing education.
I opened Platinum Fitness to serve as many people in our community teaching the benefits of self-care, working out on a regular basis, prevention of injury, enhanced range of motion and help improving the “QUALITY OF YOUR LIFE”
My personal guarantee is that no one will work harder for you to help you obtain the highest level of success and support than myself and our team members!

Michael Maldonado

I am mixed martial artist and a Health & Performance Coach out of Danbury, CT.  I initially got into health and fitness after high school looking for ways to improve my performance as a combat athlete, build muscle, burn fat and stay healthy due to not having health insurance. I obtained 3 certifications by the age of 21; NCCPT, ACE & NASM and began helping others while continuing to pursue my passion for MMA.

I have studied in-depth physiology and kinesiology in relation to sports science in my down time and in that time, I discovered I wanted to have a bigger impact on others’ lives.  I began creating strength & conditioning programs for inspiring athletes, coaching local pro and amateur fighters (boxing/kickboxing/MMA /grappling) in CT and I also worked with the Danbury Wrestling program while staying active competing in submission grappling as well as doing triathlons.

As a coach I aspire to work with anyone that believes in hard work and making their health a priority to fuel their personal & professional lives. Becoming a Health & Performance coach has been a blessing allowing me to work with many amazing individuals! I look forward to continuing altering the mindset of what fitness can do in optimizing human movement for a lifetime and continuing to help clients crush their goals in and out of the gym!

Helder Luis

My name is Helder Luis and I have been a part of the fitness/training industry ever since I was fourteen years old.
Having been overweight as a youngster I learned early on how important it was to be healthy and the prevalence of diseases such as obesity and diabetes reminds me of just how critical our physical and mental health is daily.
I began working in the fitness industry in 1990 at the Brookfield YMCA and in the years that I was employed there I worked with a wide variety of individuals, ranging from 11-year-old kids to those 70 years young, both in one on one and in group classes like women's weight training and junior weight training.
Although you may not play a sport you are nonetheless an athlete in the game of life and as such, I will help you attain your fitness goals, whatever they may be, using proper training techniques, not gimmicks.
Simply put there are not short cuts, but the journey is worth it. After all there is no greater gift than the gift of good health.
Education: Associates Degree in Health and Fitness.
Bachelor's Degree in Liberal Arts.
Certifications: NASM Certified Personal Trainer.
NASM Performance Enhancement Specialist.
Special Olympics Assistant Powerlifting Coach
Specialties:  Strength Training
Group Training/Classes
Stay strong…stay motivated…and never stop learning.

Gail Westphalen

My name is Gail Westphalen. I am a National Association of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer.
I currently have a certificate from the NASM in Corrective Exercise Specialization. I have been at Platinum Fitness for over 3 years.
Prior to joining Platinum Fitness, I was a client!
Exercise has been a lifelong commitment for me, and I have pursued an embarrassingly long list of exercise pursuits, anyone remember Yamuna Body Rolling, Jazzersize, Step Aerobics?
My passion is making people look and feel better, I excel at getting results!